Why I’m still a loyal customer at Media Temple

Media Temple is a quite expensive hosting provider, but they excel at customer service like no other! Of course there are quirks here and there, but you can count on them being available when shit hits the fan – That’s why I’m a loyal customer!

GoDaddy and Media Temple

There has been a lot of talk across social media about Media Temple and especially GoDaddy, since they announced that they are buying Media Temple back in October 2013. Everyone seemingly wanted to leave Media Temple instantly, and the amount of negativity towards them was immense!
I for one looked at all the bad-mouthing and swearing and thought:
Why should I leave? Because GoDaddy is a big bad company? Because Media Temple sold out? Because everyone else were leaving? No way, don’t give in to peer pressure!

You are the winner!

First of all, and this is my honest opinion, I don’t think Media Temple in any way “sold out”. They saw a business opportunity that would enable them to pursue their biggest goals, at an ever faster speed than ever before. With no strings attached (Media Temple elaborates on this subject on their blog). Who wouldn’t want this? It can only mean that I, as a paying customer, will be getting a better product/service for my money. Win!

Why am I a loyal customer?

Media Temple do a lot of things pretty good, but they excel at one thing: Customer Support. I’ve never had an experience like it! Not at the multiple hosts I’ve been with before, nor the dozens of SaaS-companies I use as part of my business. Not even by physically entering a store and requesting help!

Media Temple sets a perfect example of, not only how you should do customer support, but also why you should do it that great!

Media Temple VPS - Loyal Customer

If I had to pay double for my VPS I would gladly do it, because I love their company so much! It’s kind of like my love to Apple and their products – Of course there are flaws, but c’mon! Nobody is perfect.

I’m part of a generation of early-adopters, and I love trying out new SaaS-products, services and gadgets, but I’m also satisfied with what I already have, if they continue to surprise me.

Media Temple has launched a new design, and you should check it out! Flat, clean and quite modern. I love it!