If you don’t have anything constructive to say, don’t say anything

Everyone hates a loud-ass.
If you are talking just for the sake of talking, stop.
Step back, think to yourself “Is this worth sharing or am I just rambling?”.. “Do people give a @$#*%?”..

This translates well to the online community as well, especially dribbble, a site where designers share what they’re making, follow trends and create new ones.

How would you feel if you had posted something you wanted genuine feedback on, and everything you get is: “Cool.”, “Awesome!”, “Keep it up man”, etc.?
At first you would be happy that people are actually seeing your creation, but then you would realize that it’s not what you wanted.
The comments are worthless, non-constructive and most of the times they’re nothing but fill. They might make you feel proud of your work, but that’s all.

How do you feel about dribbble?