Don’t, ever, release anything up to a weekend

Whether you’re a developer, project manager or CEO, you should never, ever, release anything up to a weekend!


You really want to rush that latest iteration of your app, your website or your service out the door. But have you ever sat down and wondered what you are doing to your employees, all the way down through the foodchain?

Your urge to make an impression, your urge to push that press release, your urge to earn money – It’s killing your organization from within. Stop it!

Project Managers

Your boss is giving you orders, and you comply. You know it might not be the best idea, based on experience, but you comply anyhow. But why? Because you want that big fat raise? Because you want to move up the ladder? Because you are afraid?

It’s time to think about what’s best for the project, your project! Not what’s best for investors, your boss or yourself.


You are the guy pushing the button, typing the command, doing the deed. It might be against your will, but you still do it. You know the code isn’t quite ready, you know you haven’t squashed the last bugs, you know it’s not on par with the rest of your work. Yet you still do it.

Step up! Speak your mind. Fight against the demands from the top. It’s your ass on the line in the end, whether or not you release this unfinished business.